Meet the team

Our interdisciplinary team brings together internationally recognised experts of Wales with specific molecular expertise, breadth of knowledge in water and wastewater sciences, and access to cutting-edge infrastructure. Together, we aim to tackle the pressing challenge of COVID-19 contamination now, with immediate impact.

‘The Welsh expertise will make an important contribution to the proposed UK wastewater monitoring project. It will strengthen important collaborative relationships that will serve us well for COVID-19 and potentially other communicable diseases in the future.’

First Minister Mark Drakeford MS

Core Management Team

Prof David Jones (Bangor University, School of Natural Sciences) 

Prof Andrew Weightman (Cardiff University, School of Biosciences/Water Research Institute)

Prof Tony Harrington (Dŵr Cymru Welsh Water)

Dr Thomas Connor (Public Health Wales)

Operation Team

Prof Isabelle Durance (Cardiff Water Research Institute)

Prof James McDonald (Bangor University, School of Natural Sciences)

Prof Peter Kille (Cardiff University School of Biosciences/Water Research Institute)

Dr Shelagh Malham (Bangor University, School of Ocean Sciences)

Dr Tomasz Jurkowski (Cardiff University School of Biosciences)

Dr Devin Sapsford (Cardiff University School of Engineering/Water Research Institute)

Dr Kata Farkas (Bangor University, School of Natural Sciences)

Prof Owen Jones (Cardiff University School of Mathematics/Water Research Institute).